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I assume that the forums are being censored now. I remember this has happened with a couple of our members before and Auctiva said theirs was removed by mistake, but removing and CLOSING is not a mistake. My guess would be this will be removed also??

As I specifically REMEMBER posting and think have in word on other computer, of my post on this topic. It was removed and the discussion CLOSED!!

Here is cut/paste of their last comment before it was closed and does not include mine which was removed:

We installed a patch for the new version of the description editor as part of our site update earlier this morning and, as a result, the behavior described by the original poster should no occur when using Google Chrome. That being said, we have also noticed that the whole webpage will now shift one line when the "Enter" key is pressed and a patch for that issue may become available in the future as well.

Everyone should try this...just to see what they are referring to using chrome. If not try it every single time you hit enter it jumps!! YES, EVERY TIME!!! We traded ONE PROBLEM FOR ANOTHER?????

Auctiva ???? Have you tried to list using this?? Was this NOT TESTED BEFORE being Relaunched????

The original issue was a backspace issue (link below) related to the "NEW" design editor. It took 9 YES, 9 MONTHS to fix and how there is a larger problem. Now during this 9 months I asked repeatedly to go back to old Design Editor which was MUCH better and worked fine for me. But no once you jump into new you can't go back.

My main question in original post was Is it going to take 9 months to fix this??? Can we go back and drive the old car (old description editor) until this is fixed

Here is that quote and link to the original post (minus my last comments which were NOT x rated but were truthful:

Here is original post
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Hi Community,

We have just made an update to our site which should address this issue. However, due to the nature of the change, you will most likely have to clear your cache as described on the following page of the Google Chrome help index to see the impact on your end:

If you notice any remaining issues of this nature, please contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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