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Howdy All

Fridays are my admin days, so I am sitting here doing my thing. When I get to my weekly summary spread sheet of who's paid and who hasn't. I discovered that I currently have 9 bidders who haven't paid for their wins. To top it off the outstanding amount is $360.00 before shipping.

This is not normal for me, normal is about 1 or 2 and generally they have communicated that a money order is in route. But to have 9 with absolutely no communication at all is disconcerning to say the least. So I check my eBay and confirmed just to make sure that I didn't miss something.

All 9 are currently at day six before they are eligble for non-paying bidder alert. So Day 9 I'll start that process.

I beginning to wonder if all these changes Ebay is making is increaseing buyer remorse or they are probably just saying the Hell with it knowing that there is not much I can do about it now... Your thoughts and opinions please.....

Todays rambling brought to you by the normally abnormal.


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I have noticed the exact same thing. I have had four NPB with no communication in the last two weeks (all new or low feedback buyers). Other buyers are taking their time to pay. I have had only ONE NPB in the last THREE YEARS so it appears that the new policy is definitely affecting me. Hopefully, this is just temporary and the deadbeats will get tired of their scam and go bother someone else! Good Luck to you. Doug
Hi Burly,
Sorry to hear about your NPBs. I have been getting all sorts of weird bidders with lame excuses on why they can't pay for another month. We are East of the Cascades, just North of Bend, between Bend & Redmond, out in the country. The Valley would be on the West side of the Cascades. This area is growing way too fast for us but with the economy in the toilet and unemployment on the rise here, maybe things will slow down. I know my eBay business has really taken a dive. Hopefully, things will turn around soon. Doug


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