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Ever since I started selling on Ebay, I've been honest in my auctions regarding my home not being pet free or smoke free.

Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

I've been told by others that I shouldn't say anything at all about it, but I don't think that's fair to potential buyers. They say I'm cutting my chances of sales by putting it in there.

But I'd rather be honest than to have an unhappy buyer, you know?

Special items, like Longaberger, I don't even store at home. I know how important that is to collectors, and smoke smell devalues the baskets. And dolls. And well, anything that can permanently absorb the odors.

But anyway...I digress...

What do you folks think about this? Does it matter to you? Thanks in advance for your opinions!
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I think your honesty will will win you repeat customers Wink

I have gotten items that smelled like smoke and had to throw them away. I even once bought a wholesale lot to resell and alot of the clothing had dog hair on it - ewwwwww - I was not happy Frown

I pride myself on my pet free and smoke free home and make sure that this is part of my listing!
Certainly it's quite likely that it will lose you some sales -- but that's really the point, isn't it? You don't want a customer who is bothered by that stuff to win one of your auctions anyway as it would probably just mean a lot of post-auction hassle.

Also, I understand smoke-free but is pet-free really a big deal? Are a lot of people so allergic to animals that they could be bothered by whatever makes its way into a package?

I guess the answer is yes but I don't hear this talked about much.
Well, I'm certainly glad that I'm not alone on this one. I personally think that integrity is a huge part of selling. It's just too bad that not everyone feels the same way.

I'm not too sure about the alergy thing and pet hair, or the severity of exposure. But I do think that probably it's just offensive for some people to find hair in their shipment. I'm very careful about that too. Most everything I list is bagged and boxed after I list it. I have two cats. I keep a clean house, but they're mega-shedders, so I always inspect for hair again before the package goes on it's way.

Thanks again for your feedback! Much appreciated! Cool
HA Rick!

I'm very honest in my auctions as I've received an item before that reeked of smoke yet they stated the item was smoke free environment.

Come to find out, the buyers home is smoke free BUT they bought the item at a thrift store and never hung it out to air out. <blech>

I emailed to ask and they never knew to check. What? I can smell ciggy smoke a good 1/2 a mile..and they didn't? It was worked out..but honesty is the best policy.

I put in all of my tangible auctions..from a smoke free environment. However we do have pets and I do my best to insure that your purchase is free of animal dander.

I use Rubbermaid tubs to keep my items in and they're cleaned as per eBay standards with chemical free detergent and no dryer sheets. (I don't use them anyway)

My Best,

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