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Get this! I win this item from this seller edson_bethancourt
14K Mens Gold Ring with 10 1/2 carrot Diamonds Carrot is this fools spelling of carat Eek He emails me a invoice saying " I am Reselling this. Sorry" Sure enough I go to his items for sale and big as day there it is 14K Mens Gold Ring with 10 1/2 carrot Diamonds Mad I won the item for 148.50 and he now has a starting price of 300 with a BIN of 500! I email the Pea-Brain and of course no response so I request his contact info. Evidently he is dirt broke because I get a recording that his line is temporarily out of service. Roll Eyes Poor fool did not pay his bill.So I went the next step and filed a complaint with Ebay. If anyone wants a good laugh check his auctions out! This idiot does not even post pictures. QUOTE Q: do you have a picture of the ring? Jul-29-07
A: sorry that I don't have any pictures but I don't have a digital camera.

As if that is not bad enough here is his auction description.
QUOTE Really Nice Ring that belonged to me and brought me very good luck, has normal ware(OOH are we stupid WEAR DumDum) but still looks very nice. Good Luck
And now on the relisted item this QUOTE Q: Edson, is it correct that this ring contains 10 seperate diamonds in it, and each stone is 1/2 ct. each? What grade are the stones? Aug-09-07
A: I don't know, thats all the jeweler told me. then the guy offered to buy it from me for $700 but he was an (EDITTED) to my wife, thats why i didn't sell it to him
What a loser! I am so angry right now I could spit! Just needed to vent a bit and though maybe someone could get a few YUKS at this jerks expense! Hmm maybe I should send him a link to Auctiva and get him using the service! LOL Mad
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If I may ask...why did you bid so much money on something you cannot see? The seller is a newbie and clearly doesn't know what he's doing. I wouldn't risk more than $10 on a seller with only 6 FB. File a report here:

No one can force him to sell to you (you're probably better off anyway) but with the proper reports filed Ebay WILL take some kind of action.

Like they say in the AC, have some chocolate! (or a beer Wink )
Hi member_8880 I checked his feedback and saw it was all good.Saw the way the item was listed and knew it would not get much action. I was going to pay by paypal and use the buyer protection.Thank you for including the link but I had already filed the report with Ebay. Actually as for forcing him to sell no it cannot be done but he is under a Legally Binding Contract if I would want to pursue it. I am sure I will not waste my time. How about having chocolate and a Beer Now that would make me feel better Cool
Hi Taz,
Actually it's a shame there were no pics and everything turned out the way it misspelling 'carat' he pretty much blew any chance he may have had of getting a really substantial bid. (I once won a $50 shirt for 5.99 because the seller mispelled a word)

Anyway, glad you filed the report, that's about all you can do Frown

Good luck!
I could always give the fool a black eye by leaving a negative feedback for him. But unfortunately he could Neg me back. I will have to cool off awhile and think about it. Maybe it would be worth a negative to sock him one! ConfusedI just tried to pull his items for sale and they come up with a system error! Maybe Ebay pulled his auctions! Big Grin
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All you can really do is be relieved you had not already paid and move on, if you leave a red he will retaliate.

This is the big flaw of the feedback system no one polices reds. Would be quite expensive to have some one vet reds so it is unlikely to ever happen.

So what with :-

1) the ho ho enhanced buyer protection introduced recently i.e. use PayPal or else.
2) no contract enforcement possible for the so called 'binding contract' I think it is called before you commit to buy.
3) the no red police/arbitration

It is no wonder "Rip-offs R feeBay" should be their new slogan. Wink

P.S. any seller that does not provide clear pictures and cannot spell or punctuate to a reasonable standard, particulalry one who uses all capitals I avoid like the plague. Once when I was a little profile buyer, I didn't and got stung by a Power Seller pillar of the community and feebay charged me £15 under thier old system to recover £50 paid by cheque after a long torturous process.
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