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the search button is only confusing potential customers because not all my items are updated to show in the store. Especially imported ones which may take a couple of days to show. To delete search button is the store html - exacly what should I delete?

Can I do this in my personal store windows html here on auctiva and that will be used in future listings? I have to do each one individually in ebays revise description?

I would also like to change the store url since it also does not show all my listed items. Is there a way to do that also?

Sometimes i think the store window is causing more confusion that sales.
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I don't think there is a way to remove it.

What I have done on mine is to make all of the text and button graphics the same colour as the 'strip', so there doesn't appear to be any links within the gallery other than the items themselves (which open correctly within eBay providing the gallery is being viewed in an eBay listing). Unfortunately it does leave the white search text box visible but visitors won't know what it is unless they click in it and type. I have placed my own store link next to the gallery.

There are obviously issues with the whole gallery system at the moment, and I am really hoping that when the Auctiva guys get that sorted out they might have another look at their gallery functionality to suit those of us who want to use our own eBay store and not have "FREE THIS" and "FREE THAT" all over the place.
Neil: I found a way to get rid of the store window link - but I forgot how I did it. I went to store window and customized something by leaving it blank... can't remember but it had nothing to do with matching the colors.. oh, the message that says> click here to see my other items... I deleted that line and left it blank...very simple.

Now, how do you place your own store link next to the gallery?

Does that mean you write it in your description? But that's not next to the gallery(?) Yes, issues abound.

Hi, yes I have the gallery in my listing template, and I include a store link alongside it (but not in it obviously).

My listings are now quite graphic-heavy so I use a button rather than just text, it appears right next to the gallery and looks like it is associated with it.

I too have removed the "other items" text and you are correct that the link disappears, but the search button and text remains. If you customise all of those elements to be the same colour as the 'strip' then they disappear, leaving just a mysterious white box.

Hope this helps!

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