The post office gives away nice, small, forms, that are bright green, and are the tracking numbers we can apply to a package. This little form is perferated, such that you stick one half on the package, and keep the other half for your own records.

When I get a sale, I grab one of those little forms, and write "jane doe" on it, and enter that tracking number into ebay, so they have record of the tracking number. This allows me to give ebay a tracking number immediatly, upon sale, even before i have the item packed and weighed. This is a huge benefit, because it allows me to fullfill my obligation for '1 day shipping' easily.

Later that evening, or the next day, I go to, and print my shipping label after I've packed the item. However, I don't want Auctiva to print a tracking number on the label.

How can I turn off the tracking number feature when generating a shipping label via Auctiva?
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Hi PhilthyCollins,

Thanks for posting your question here. We do not currently offer the ability to print USPS shipping labels that do not have the tracking number printed on them, but I will share your comments about this with our Product Management team as an option to explore when we are planning future site updates.

If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


So you FORCE us to spend the money on a tracking number (for non-priority mail), rather than simply give us a check box as an option?

Auctiva's thought processes really confuse me sometimes....
Ebay's labels are the same for many methods as delivery confirmation is a requirement more than it is an option.
Ebay puts the DC on some for free and the rest are discounted.

Auctiva would also be required to comply with eBay's requirements in this.
What you seem to be missing the point on, is that it is NOT a requirement that I mail the items I sell on eBay, with a DC. You seem to think it is. But, it's not.

I can sell a box of rocks on ebay, get my money via paypal, and then wrap my rocks in any kind of package, address it, apply some stamps, and mail it. No DC required. eBay only requires a DC if I (as a seller) wish to have the protection of being able to prove I mailed an item. But there certainly isn't any requirement on ebay's part that all sales made on their site be sent with a DC.

So, now that you realize that a DC is NOT required, why are you forcing us to buy them?
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