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How can use a saved listing as a templete for a different eBay site?

I have saved listings which were posted to eBay Australia, and would now like to use basically the same listings on US eBay. I know I would need to make a few changes because of the difference between the two sites, but the eBay site option at the top of the saved listing remains greyed out, so I cannot select a different eBay site.

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Hi cpapestore,

Each eBay site has a different listing creation page so, once you have completed the lister page for one eBay site, you can no longer change what is chosen from the "eBay Site" drop-down menu on the saved listing (as you have noticed). Since you cannot change the eBay site selection, you would actually need to re-create the listing from the "New Listing" with the appropriate eBay site selected to post your listing to a different eBay site.

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