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I have had several, well more than several, buyers buy and not leave any feed back. I was sending an email through E-bay to check to besure that they were satisfied as I had not seen any feedback and I wanted to be sure the transaction was alright. That only worked once... lol.
I am sending a short "thank you for buying" kind of note in the packages now reminding them that I will "leave positive feedback for them as soon as I see that they are satisified via their feedback" and my email address if they had a problem or question once they recieved the item. Still, about half of my coustomers dont leave feedback.
Is this normal? Is there a way to encourage feedback, or is it just hit and miss?
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For one I never leave FB until its left for me so that encourages the buyer to leave FB. I'd say probably 95% or better leave me FB, I do use the feedback reminder thru ebay but altered it a bit. I send this out maybe 2 to 3 weeks after I ship their order and usually works.

Thank you for purchasing XXXXXXXXX. I have not received your feedback, so was checking in to make sure you had received your item(s). By leaving feedback I will know you have received XXXXXXXXXX and are satisfied with your purchase. Please leave feedback for me on eBay and I'll do the same for you. If you have not recieved your order or if there is a problem please email me. To leave feedback, just click on the link below:
Where is the ebay feedback reminder? I have not seen that. Most of my buyers do leave FB and I don't usually leave it unless they do. I don't solicit feedback. I have noticed that some folks take quite a while to get around to it. I figure alot of people only visit ebay occasionally and once they recieve their item if they are happy they just forget about it. Then next time they get around to going to their ebay account they may remember to do it.

I figure no news is good news. If they have a problem you will surely hear from them!
Send them an email informing them..."I know where you live. Please leave me feedback today. Thank you."

Moooowahahhahahahahaha! Okay, just kidding.

Send them an autoresponder about 14 days after the transaction. That's what I do and it works. As someone else mentioned, sometimes, no news is good news. Some buyers will leave no feedback rather than risk receiving a neutral or negative response from a seller in response to theirs.
I've not seen the automatic feedback reminder, but I will look for that tonight when i log on. I dont leave feedback first if they buy from me. If they were rude in the first part of the transaction, I just dont bother asking. (I had one guy get nasty over me requesting a confirmation on the shipping address). I havent even left feedback for those that havent payed thought I filed a non-payment on them. I just want to be sure that I can get my feedback built up.
If I ship (get something out same day) or next day, the lightning fast shipping almost always gets me an excited 'positive feedback'. If I slack on a speedy shipment, wait a few days, it affects my feedback. get it shipped as soon as possible. Get it to them in 5 days or less and watch how happy it makes them.

About the autoresponder -- I think (I'm not sure) that it comes with the Selling Manager Pro.
I'm not sure if it is available without it. Try asking, eBay's Live help.
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I used to have the same problem. I would leave a feed back with nothing in return. My FB rate was very low about, as previously stated, 50%. I then explained my feedback policy very thoroughly: After sending the reminder my FB is about 98%. Hope this helps.


FEEDBACK Please contact me with any questions or problems prior to bidding. If there is a problem contact me and we will work it out prior to any negative feedbacks. I will extend the same courtesy. We all know that feedbacks are a very important function for monitoring buyers and sellers attitudes and actions. I will leave a FB, based on your performance, regardless of the type of response from you.

Thank you,


I will wait about two weeks and send out this reminder:

Since I have not received a feedback I feel I must have offended you in some manner. If I have I humbly apologize as I meant no disrespect in any way. If it slipped your mind please be kind enough to leave one and I will also leave a FB based on your performance regardless of your opinion of me.

Feedback on this ID gets one person out of every six leaving feedback.

Other's iffy...50% at best.

I also don't sweat receiving feedback.

But I can well understand that you as a new seller want to build yours up! <wink>

Nice email Tuk.

When I send the item I email the customer with an update that item is in route..below you'll find mine. I do NOT leave feedback first. Never, no way, no how. I used to.

I also have the below noted on the shipping slip that I insert with the package.

Please let me know when you receive your item.
The best way to do this is by posting positive feedback and I will do the same for you.
If there is a problem please email me and I will do my best to correct it!

Thanks, Donna

Hope this helps!
Originally posted by JeffS:
My 8 year average is 50%. Watch it over time. See how it trends. If you get 90%, that's fine. 50% is good too. Once you get into the thousands of comments it becomes "less important" to get everyone to leave feedback. I can understand wanting every feedback as a newcomer, but be patient, your numbers will grow.

that depends on your score

if a buyer is satisfied from a seller who got lets say 25 points then he will do in favour give the seller feedback because he/she is pleased or just simply to get 1 in return.

with a 1000+ seller then they think perhaps i have already bought from him/her in the past, so my score wont increase if i get feedback from him/her, so why leave it? if they are satisfied they might, the 50/50 situation, but if theres 1 thing they dont like about transaction ( i.e. so many checkout pages to pay for your item for instance or shipping took long, or some other minor detail ) then they would prob. not leave feedback

and most buyer dont want to recieve neutral/negative back when they are dissatisfied, so they simply won't leave anything at all
At 3000 'unique' counts, I don't worry about it anymore. However, I aways give feedback on any type of transaction, which in my case, are 99.9% to buyers. I leave feedback because it's the right thing to do, not to bolster somebody's numbers. Your feedback will grow over time, and high count or low, you'll still have customers buying from you. So, as I said earlier. Don't worry about it. Concentrate on quality and service, and you'll get your numbers.
I used to post firt as well, but no more. Too many non-responses. Buyers who don't value the FB of eBay. now I put a slip of paper with my name, address, phone number, email address (handy in case the outer wrap of a parcel is wrecked by the Post Office) plus this bit:
Thank You For Your eBay Purchase

Please let me know when this arrives safely. I hope you are happy with your item. Should you find that your item is not as described ~ Feel it was misrepresented ~ Or you are not satisfied for whatever reason, Please let me know and I will make it right….to your satisfaction. Your positive eBay feedback would be appreciated! I will reciprocate!

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