How do I edit my Autiva template and layout bult through Auctiva in the relist mode?
I believe another format would be more conducive to selling a particular item and I can't seem to find anyway to accomplish that in the RELIST edit.
I need to be able to tweak in this way .
Help anyone?
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Unfortunately, there isn't a lot that you can edit when you are trying to relist an item that is in the Closed folder (basically you can change the title, starting price, duration, etc.)

In order to be able to fully edit your listing, you can do that by going to the Saved listings and select which one you want to use. Or click on the "Create Similar listing" icon next to an item in the Saved folder and go from there.

If you are trying to re-list an item that didn't sell AND be eligible for a re-list credit on ebay, you would have to do so by posting the item from your Closed listings folder, re-post it to ebay, then go and edit your listing directly on eBay.

There is a method using the <HTML> icon displayed for each Saved Listing on the Saved Listings page.

Go to your Saved Listing you used to create the active listing. Update the listing with your changes, including replacement of the template. Save the listing. Use the <HTML> icon which produces a pop-up window with your HTML code for the listing. Using eBay's Revise Listing, copy and paste that code as replacement for the code in the Revise Listing description box (set box to HTML mode). Note, you first delete the code in the description box before paste, but should preserve any Store Window code if you use the Store Window. The Store Window begins and ends with a comment tag <!--ASW--> and is usually at the beginning or end of the description (your selected location).

This method works to update / replace the description code. If you have other updates, like Title, Shipping, etc., you also have to change those elements in the Revise Listing process. Make sure you use PREVIEW before confirming the update.

You can also use this method for RELIST at eBay.

Hope that helps.


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