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Hi everyone! Nice to be here. So glad Auctiva is finally available to us Aussies! Ty.

I have an Ozish calculator which I use in my listings. To add it into my listing using Turbo Lister, I would set it etc then copy the html into my listing where I wanted it to be.

Can I still do this with an Auctiva Template? If so, how?

Only started today with Auctiva, playing around and finding my way at the moment. Is it staring me in the face?

Thanks for any help.
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I meant to say thanks gramma!

But my problem is most of my items are of varied weights and dimensions. Generic calculators would be ok for only a small percentage of my auctions the others need specific dimensions added to give correct domestic post costs. I would have to create a new "sellers details" each and every time I want to list.

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