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I have the same question as cakethings, as to how to go about getting the balance ($18.50) of my insurance funds returned. I did not realize after depositing money that Auctiva insurance does not cover silver bullion coins and bars. That is what I sell using Auctiva, so obviously I dont need to keep a balance.
Any help would be great.
Actually, our shipping insurance does cover coins. The wording in the "Coverage Rules" on the Help page under "Auctiva Shipping Insurance" is a little vague--"bullion" is considered "a brick of gold or a chunk of silver" and coins are not considered "bullion" by our insurance carrier, so they are eligible for coverage.

Thanks Rebecca for the reply.
Most of what I sell are considered art rounds, and they are fine silver. I also sell bars that are considered bullion, but are 1oz to 10oz art bars with a design engraved

You are saying the rounds that look like coins

would be covered, even though technically they are bullion, and the bars would not be covered at all?
Thanks again for the help, as this would solve a major pain in the backside dealing with international shipping. Smile

I can post pics if needed to clarify.
According to the Customer Service reps I chatted with this morning from our insurance carrier, as long as the precious metals are decorated in some fashion and not plain bars (or "chunks" as they referred to them Wink )that they are covered with our shipping insurance. Whether the silver is in the shape of a coin, rectangle, etc., it can be insured as long as it's not a plain undecorated piece of metal. Let me know if there's anything else I can check for you. Thanks!

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