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I signed up for an Auctiva account and set up my account with my ebay settings. I never listed the first item through Auctiva, yet the store/gallery window is appearing in my items that I listed on Ebay's site. I have turned it off for my future settings, but how do I find out how many listings Auctiva has automatically added it to? And how do I remove it? I have nearly 4000 listings, so I hate the thought of having to go thru each one individually to see if the gallery is in it. If Auctiva is so intrusive that it adds things to listings that are not made through its website, I don't think I want to use it. How do I turn it off?

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I'm sorry this happened to you.

When I signed up for Auctiva, I didn't have this happen to me as I filled out my preferences first. The option is there..I'm sorry you missed it.

For future reference the tabs on the top are where the preferences for setting your account up with specifics can be found.

My Store>Enable or Disable Store Window. (which is what I did when I set up preferences while I was still checking out Auctiva)

Once at this menu, You might decide you would like to customize the gallery in different ways to match your template or the look of the auction. I don't use the scrolling gallery, but the other type of gallery and have chosen to have it match the template. It's much better than using the cross-promotion gallery that eBay uses. You'll also have a setting to set up another store window with Auctiva. This doubles your exposure and link is handy to place outside of eBay on sites to reference your sales.

You'll find many different settings under the tabs and can set up your Auctiva account to be there way you want it to be.

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