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I want to sell my dirt bike helmet in ebay motors. This is where the majority are listed. Yet I can't choose ebay motors or even motorcycles as a main listing. I've tried selecting from the category list and entering the category number but it won't work. What am I missing? I can't find the option to list on ebay motors on here at all. Thanks so much for the help, you guys are awesome.
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Hi familyforce5,

No problem! To list an item within eBay Motors, open the "New Listing" page and choose "eBay Motors" from the "eBay site" pull-down menu on the upper-right of the Auctiva lister page. This will force the lister page specific to eBay Motors to load from which you will be able to select categories from within that eBay site.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know. Good luck!


A coworker of mine has purchased at least three or four motorcycles on eBay. The only logical thing to do (what he did in each case) is to pay a deposit when you win an auction and the remainder when you pick up the bike after inspecting it to make sure it's as promised.

Personally, I would never pay for a bike before seeing it. I wouldn't buy it if the vendor wouldn't agree to that. Don't pay for a bike you've never seen, just like you wouldn't buy a bike on Craigslist by sending the vendor money through Paypal.

There are so many motorcycles accessible at and locally that I don't see the need in purchasing one from afar.

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