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Hi. OK I have been selling on ebay with auctiva for about 5 years and everything is great but I am trying to sell some stuff that would not move on ebay and the relisting fees kill. I have opened up a registered account with yahoo to buy and sell. When I open an auction in auctiva and convert it to a yahoo auction eveything looks the same. When I go into that auction and click pist all that happens is it takes me to yahoo's auctions home page. I have no clue what to do. Can anyone walk me through this
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Are you grabbing the html only from your Auctiva auction?

Go to Listings>
Saved Listings>
Check a saved listing>
Click on Get HTML>
Pop up window will open with the html.

Control A will grab the complete html, Copy the html (control c) and then paste (control v) into the Yahoo Auction.

This will grab all the html. You might need to alter some of the text that you have for eBay out of the might not.

If I can help further...let me know.

I've been having luck selling on Yahoo's. I won't be buying a yacht, but still having some success. Also consider opening a free ecrater store. No listing fee's, no fvf, and if you use Google checkout (which I use with my yahoo auctions) then you'll be selling without transaction fee's.

If you want to see some of my auctions with yahoo....

Suthrnjewl's Yahoo Auctions

Good Luck,

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