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Hi. As far as I know, it's not possible from eBay to direct buyers to your Auctiva store.

Well, that said, it's suppose to be okay to put the link in your listings. I've read of people having their auctions canceled for link violation, which is just wrong.

I haven't wanted to risk it, as someone doesn't like me already and reports me for who-knows-what. Ebay yanks them anyway. Thankfully, it hasn't happened in awhile. The plus side is that some of the eBay folks now know who I am, so I can get help on things that used to just be a total waste of time. lol

You can certainly put links on your ME page. As far as the permanent links from eBay directing shoppers to your store, those can't be changed.

Keep your keywords updated and you'll be found on Google for sure. I'm even getting hits from a site I never heard of that brings in a little traffic and am thankful for all I can get. I'm sure it's a result of using Auctiva because I haven't done anything to get listed on that site. :-)

Hope this helps and sorry for the OT rant. ;-)
Thanks you guys, I was just wondering, I like the look of my auctiva store better then my ebay store. I am not real computer savvy so have to go with templates etc that the site provides. I think I need to go take some classes on web design 101. HA HA... Or get rich and pay someone to do it for me. LOL... Anyhow it was a shot in the dark, figured it wouldn't work.
OK to rant to I rant all the time and feel better when I do it.. Smile
I put a link on all my listings to my Auctiva store front especially now that I have ditched my eBay store.

However I do word the link e.g. as 'view all my other items on eBay here' so hopefully it is over zealous eBay employee proof afterall this is an allowed link Roll Eyes

I have now created a custom listing template to match my chosen Auctiva store front which adds a neat bit of consistency. It was not possible to match the eBay store listing customisations to the Auctiva store front. Branding very much comes from consistency of style.

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