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Hi there,
I'm new to Auctiva infact i have 6 days left on my trial, probably going to use long term.
However i'm having a problem with customising or narrowing a template so that it doesn't overhang forcing customers to have to scroll sideways across the page.
I can solve the issue by removing the categories from the left hand side of the listing page, but this is not ideal.
I can see many other people listing with templates that don't have this issue (don't know it they are using Auctiva)
Is there an easy fix to this issue.
Any help would be greatly received
Many Thanks In Advance
Original Post
Hi JD,

Thanks for contributing your forum. While it is possible that the only way to resolve this problem will be to disable the sidebar on your listings which displays your eBay store categories, it is also possible that some other content within the description is stretching out the template and that the issue can be resolved by removing or modifying that content.

If you contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" option, we will be happy to look into this further. In the event that you do, it would be helpful if you can include a specific item number that exhibits the problem.


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