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Hi from Ireland
I initially started using the Auctiva showcase with my listings. It appeared right at the bottom of my listing after the item description.

Now I have started using Auctiva for generating my auction and store listings. My listings generated directly from Auctiva position the Auctiva showcase on top of my item description. I do not want it here I want it to appear on the bottom.

(1) eBay item #140049747435 appears right below description exactly where I want it.
(2) eBay item 140049743372 it appears on top of my item description.

Is there a preference setting somewhere in Auctiva to position it where I want it.

Many Thanks
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Hi emerald-isle-gifts-shop,

To set your account such that the store window appears at the bottom of your Auctiva created listings, please log into your Auctiva account and go to Store(tab) -> Edit Store Window.

On that page, check the radial buttom next to "Below Description" and save your changes. Once you have made this adjustment, any listings posted thereafter will contain the store window below the description.


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