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Please walk me through how to achieve this, in the simplest of terms.. I'm not puter savvy...

I also need to know how to create (on the same listing) a percentage off discount... I see people on Ebay doing all of this on one listing..

All of this meaning: an auction that is a 'buy it now', 'best offer' and has a 'percentage off' (meaning that they say on their listing that they are offering 25% off of the usual price.

It also shows what their original listing price generally is for the item...

I hope this makes sense because I'm exhausted from lack of sleep because of such listing delemmas...

Thanks so much,

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You need to use Mark Down Manager with eBay to discount your items.

On the listing page, underneath where you put in your Buy It Now price or starting price, there is a box to check to "Accept offers from buyers". That will allow you to accept best offers on that listings.

There's alot of good information posted to the forums and by going to the tabs on the top of the forum...there is find. You can type in what you're looking for and it will find the answer if it's been posted to the forums previously.

Best of Luck,

Thanks so much! I also figured out how to add a % off to my auction so now it's a sale listing too!
I saw that someone else added both of these things on his listings and he's doing really well because of it! A great way to move Summer inventory!

I so much appreciated receiving your help this morning.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make my photos be able to be jumbo sized on Ebay. They aren't getting big enough..

If you decide to let me know how to do it.. Please walk me through it every step of the way...snd type in layman's terms... lol


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