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Ok so please dont think I am dumb..but I have 3 kids ages 5 2 & almost 1 Running around and screaming here and I cant even THINK!!! AHHHHH
Now my ? if I want to relist and make changes first I have to do this through the ebay website. In other words when I click on relist it sends me to ebay so I am gonna assume that is where I have to make my changes?
sometimes your the dog and sometimes your the hydrant
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You should just be able to go to your closed auctions, see the one you want, check it, and click relist. This will list the item immediately and will not give you an opportunity to schedule. Or, you can go to My eBay, visit items not sold, and click relist on the right hand side for the one you want. With the eBay relist, you have the option to reschedule.
In addition to Phoenixjn's well spoken explanation, I would like to add that ebay charges $0.10 when rescheduling a relist. That may, or may not be a big deal, depending on your volume.

Also, you are correct: ebay is where you would make most changes to an active listing. I say "most" because you can add pictures by clicking the "add photo" button on the Auctiva page of ACTIVE LISTINGS. You can also make changes to your template, change photos, text, even your entire template, by cut & pasting your HTML, but I won't go into that here, just know that you can make any changes you wish, even major ones.

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