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Hello -

I purchased a template from a designer on ebay and would like to try to use it with auctiva due to the ease of loading pics and scheduling auctions. However, I'm not sure how to do this.

I do not see an option for custom templates in the listing area (or do I look somewhere else?) Using the listing tab, the template works when I paste the html coding in the description area under text, but the pictures are loading under and outside of the template instead of in the template. How do I get them to actually load in the template? My template also has borders around the pics, can this be used with auctiva?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Hi Jen_pitterpatter,

In order to save your custom template into the Auctiva system for use with your future listings, please click the "Create(Custom Templates)" link under the "Listings" tab within your account. Then, on the ensuing page, paste your template HTML into the template editor, and click the "Switch to Design Editor" link above. You will then see the template within the editor the way it would appear when used in a list and, at that point, you are ready to customize the template to work with the Auctiva system.

Auctiva's custom template tags, which can be added to your template using the links on the menu to the left of the editor, must be present in your template so our system knows where to place certain information that is entered in the lister form, such as the description, images, etc. Therefore, in order for your template to work with Auctiva, you need to add the appropriate custom template tags to your template wherever you would like that information to be displayed. While you have the option to use any of the provided custom template tags, the only requirement is that you at least use the "Description" or "Description and Images" tag.

Once you have saved your template, you will then be able to choose it from your Auctiva template library under the category "Custom". If you have any trouble configuring your template to work with Auctiva, please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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