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I need some help understanding the "flow diagram" of how Auctiva moves listings around. I have a folder named "bigs in waiting" (biw).

Active Listings shows there are 35 listings from that "biw" folder.

Saved Listings shows there are 14 listings in that folder.

What's going on?

I have been trying Auctiva for a couple months now, and trying to figure it out without posting a bunch of ignorant Q's. I attended the Webinar, and have read the help files.

But I am spending WAY too time trying to find my listings and trying to determine which listings are Active, Closed, Scheduled, Waiting to Post, etc. I am finding myself looking for a specific posting but I have to look in multiple places to find it and to determine it's status. I would like to be able to look in one place for any listing and determine it's status.

Clearly, I may be approaching this wrong, and if so, enlighten me please. I really want Auctiva to work for me.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Hi illinoisbubba,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. There is not a single page within your Auctiva account where you will be able to find the records of all your listings regardless of status, so you will need to get accustomed to how how our Listings pages operate in order to effectively manage your listings through Auctiva.

The four main Listings pages within your account (Saved, Scheduled, Active, and Closed) each contain a different format of listing data. I suspect you are already aware of this to some degree but, to clarify, you can expect to find the following details on each of these pages:

Saved Listings: Contains all the data you have entered when creating listings through Auctiva is saved here for future use. This page is primarily used for posting new instances of listings that have been posted for or creating similar listings from existing listings.

Scheduled: Displays the records of any listings that you have scheduled to post through your Auctiva account but have not posted to eBay yet. If you need to make changes to any listings you that are currently scheduled, you can do so from this page.

Active: Displays all of your listings that are currently active on eBay, including a number of details about those listings you may be interested in monitoring.

Closed: Displays all of your ended eBay listings. If you would like to relist an item that has ended within the last 90 days, you can do so from this page.

If you go to any of these pages and choose to view a specific folder, the results will only contain the listings of that type that are located in the selected folder. Since all 4 of these pages display different sets of listing data, it is expected that they will not all return the same number of listings for a given folder.

Also, if you move an item to a specific folder while it is on your Saved Listings page and then post the item, the eBay listing that is posted should show up in that folder on the Active Listings page while it is active and then show up in that same folder on the Closed Listings page once it comes to an end.

However, if you move an item to a certain folder on one of these pages, it will not automatically move similar items on your other Listings pages to that folder as well. For example, if you move an item on your Saved Listings page from folder A to folder B, it will not automatically move any active and closed listings you originally posted from that saved listing to folder B as well.

I hope this helps you better understand how the Listings pages and folders are designed and interact with one another. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


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