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Hi guys

i have recnetley had a custom template designed for me. i have it in my templates to use when i please. but i was told the the ads i have on 30 says till cancelled will pick up the new template when they auto relist but they are not. does anyone know how i can make it work. of if i can change them all on ebay so they all look the same ie my new tamplate. please help im going mental
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Hi floormat123 -

In order for your active listings to show a template change you have to edit them on Auctiva and take that HTML over to eBay and revise the item. Here are the steps:

1) Locate your listing in your Saved Listings folder, make any necessary changes, and save.
2) Check the box next to your updated listing in your Saved Listings folder and click the "HTML" link on the right (this is the complete HTML for your listing).
3) Copy the HTML in the popup box.
4) Locate the item on eBay and click the "Revise Item" button.
5) Click "Edit Description" then click the "Enter your own HTML" tab.
6) Paste the copied HTML in place of what's there and save your changes.

Otherwise you can wait for the listings to end and then list/relist using your new custom template.

Hope that helps!


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