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Hi all,

While I did sign up for auctiva a few weeks ago, today I created my first ebay auction without using anything from auctiva and yet about an hour later auctiva auto inserted itself into my ebay page. How do I turn auctiva off? I think its wrong that the application auto inserts intself into ebay pages without warning.

Do I just need to kill my account on auctiva?
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HI guys thanks for the replies,

Well basically I setup my html inside ebay and then submitted it all. A few hours later I had the scrolling gallery from auctiva showing up in addition to there links etc. I figured out that even if you don't upload your page via auctiva and you have an auctiva account, auctiva auto inserts all those items as listed in your preferences.

Personally I didn't like that fact too much considering I didn't use auctiva to setup my auction in the first place. I have since turned off all the option in auctiva and now now of its pieces are showing up in my auction.
Hi fcastro,

Yes, when the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" setting is enabled in your account, and you create listings directly through eBay, the scrolling gallery will automatically be appended to those listings within a few hours of when they are posted. Believe it or not, most of our customers use Auctiva only for the scrolling gallery, so the auto-append feature is a must.

If you would like to remove the scrolling gallery from your listing to which it has already been added, you can do so by deleting the scrolling gallery HTML from your description HTML using eBay's "Revise your Item" form. The specific HTML you'll want to remove begins with <!--ASW--> and ends with <!--ASW-->.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:

I am a new Auctiva member and have not yet made a token to start using it yet, I want to get some questions answered before I start. For example it is good to know that my listings will disapear for 6 hours. I want to see how I like it before I fully comit, I have disabled the append gallery feature because I don't want to take out that feature if things do not work out. I would like to transfer a couple of listings from turbo lister and make some new ones in Acutiva to see how it works, is there anything ales that will happen to all of my current listings when I activate Auctiva? Will all my listings say something about Autiva as soon as I activate things?

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