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I have used auto relist succesfully a few times, but I wasn't at my computer to notice how long it took. I had an item end an hour ago and I have been sitting here online; it HAS NOT relisted. Does it always take this long? The item is set up to auto relist, and the profile says "if items have sold." Two items sold so it should be auto relisted, I would think it would be relisted by now. I want desperately to relist the item myself, but if I do I will be stuck with double fees if the auto relist finally works. Anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Rachelle,

The amount of time it takes for an item to be automatically relisted after it ends depends on how the auto-relist profile you are using is configured. When creating an auto-relist profile through Auctiva, you can configure it to auto-relist your items immediately after they end, a certain number of minutes after they end, or on a specific day and time.

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