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I have Auctiva's Free Plan. I use Turbolister or eBay's direct SYI form to post listings. How can I buy insurance for an item that I just sold. It went higher than expected (lucky me) & is going to Switzerland via First Class International.

I have read everything I could find in the help and in these forums, but couldn't find this situation.

Thank you.
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To purchase insurance for your item, just go to your Sales tab and find the "All Transactions" link (under the Manage heading.) Find the transaction you want to purchase insurance for and click the "Add Insurance" link to the right of the item.
Our Help page also has details on how to purchase our insurance automatically or on an as-need basis:

Hope that answers your question!
Thank you, Rebecca for your fast response. You gave me just the information I needed. I got it done quickly. Because I didn't list through Auctiva I didn't realize my sales records would be on your site.

I have just a couple of suggestions. In the help area, tell people that have the free plan that their sales records are on Auctiva. Also, when I signed up to pay through PayPal the program would not allow it until I also checked to deposit $5 with Auctiva. That doesn't seem right.

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