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When I preview the listing, the only special "tag" that shows up is -Description-.

I've tried everything I can think of to make the Shipping, Payment, Terms of Sale, etc to show up with the "special" design that Auctiva incorportates, and I just can't get it.

Could someone more knowledgeable with this help me out?

Thanks! Smile
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Hi AngelsBlue. Thanks for responding. I've went through and set everything up like I would in a regular eBay listing. Set the shipping, payment, etc.

When I preview the listing. The word "Description" is decorated and cute, but the "Shipping", "Payment", ect. is just plain test.

I don't know if my question was very clear or not.

Could you please help? Confused

Hi Jessica -

Like AngelsBlue said, it sounds like you have not created your Seller Details profile yet. You can create a Seller Details profile by clicking the Seller Details link under the Profiles tab within your Auctiva account. When creating your Seller Details, you have the option to enter information from any or all of the available sections and, when you use a particular Seller Details profile for your listings, only the sections for which you entered information will be displayed within the template.

To use your newly created Seller Details profile, select a template on the Auctiva lister page and then select a Seller Details profile from the Seller Details pull-down menu, which is located directly to the right on the Select Template button on the Auctiva lister page.

You should see the decorated tags for the different sections appear on your listings!


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