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I was attempting to list a set of wheel center caps for my 2007 Ford Mustang. I only got as far as the point where you enter a category number. I cliked on browse and I saw nothing listed as far as anything related to automobile parts. i know these are found in the eBay motors section of eBay. that wasnt listed either. I tried to use the search feature next on the listing page and entered parts...etc and all that came back was category numbers related to toys and radio control cars. I then went to eBay and searched the help section for a list of category numbers. I found the category number for eBay Motors:car and truck parts which was # 6028. I returned to auctiva and entered this as my category number on my listing page. i received a message on the screen in red that this was an invalid category number. Can anyone please help me. I am on the verge of saying the heck with it and going directly through ebay to list them but i dont really want to do that....PLEASE HELP !!!
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Hi when you start a listing for eBay motors you need to set the top of the page under "create an eBay listing"To do this go to the right hand side where it says eBay site and click it and set eBay Motors parts
Since you have already created the listing and probably saved it it makes it a bit more difficult as you cannot change the site.
What you will have to do is open 2 Auctiva pages one with the saved listing and one with the listing in the right category. Copy your info from the listing that you have already created and paste it over to the new one. from there you should have no problems posting it
Thank you so much for your help Steve. I had actually clicked on that eBay site drop down list you told me about when I first joined Auctiva. I did so out of curiousity in familiarizing myself with the site. I saw that it said ebay usa...eBay Canada...eBay United Kingdom etc. I only gave it a fleeting glance when I did so and thought "Oh...different ebay thats what that is". I didnt look at it long enough to see on down the list that USA ebay motors and parts was included in the drop down list. Duh!... Its refreshing and, somewhat sadly, increasingly rare for someone to go out of their way to help a stranger. Thanks again for helping me out and for doing it so quickly...Tony
Tony no problem with the help. I believe this whole Auctiva thing is a bit confusing and could be better set up.Even though the service is free it has so much more potential than what is being used. I had used it for several years but am a relative newcomer under this screen-name having had an unfortunate problem with a previous business partner. Auctiva really needs a better link to support as too many people think that the forum here is the answer to all the problems.
Your case being one of the ones that is so frustrating! When I initially began using Auctiva they did not support eBay Motors and I opened a poll to get that implemented.
I left Auctiva for several years and came back again and really like the things I see going on now however ...
There really is a need to simplify things here
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