Auctiva is hosting it's new "How to List" class and I am looking for anyone interested to view and participate next Friday, Nov 18th, at 4 PM PST. This class will cover the basics of creating a listing, including uploading images and using templates and will last about 30 minutes.

To participate, please file a support case expressing your interest in the beta test of our "How to List" class. You can do this by going to Auctiva -> Help and clicking the "File a Support Case" link. I will send an email invitation to the first 10 people who express interest.

This is a great chance for anyone who has signed up but not yet posted to get a quick demo.

You'll take your computer to a web link we give you and you'll be able to watch our screen while listenting to us on the phone call, as well as interact. It's a toll free number as well.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support
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Due to illness, the host of this class has rescheduled it for next Friday. He will e-mail everyone who signed up. What this also means, is there is still time to sign up for next Friday's class!


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