How to make mass changes to Mobile Item Description and Item Description windows

My description windows specify shipping charges of $2.00 for domestic and $5.00 for international shipping. The charges are specified 4 times in each description. I want to change my shipping fees to $3 and $8. I know how to make the mass changes in the Item Description box using the advanced edit function but am not seeing how to make the mass/batch changes in the Mobile description box. How do I go about making mass changes to Mobile Item Description box?

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Hello Along99999,

Unfortunately there are currently no bulk tools available for Saved listings that would allow you to bulk update the Mobile Item Description field, for the saved listings this would need to occur on a listing by listing basis.

For already active listings you should be able to use the Bulk Revise tool and select Description as the section to alter.  (when the mobile description is sent to eBay is is sent with the description and has some tags that identify it)   This will bring up a Find and Replace tool.  Please note that there are instructions on the page for this tool, but should you encounter difficulty you can always file a support case letting us know where you are running into trouble and our support team will be happy to assist.

 - Craig


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