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Ok, I really don't know how I am able to get around on ebay, or how computers work at all, especially the lingo. I only started working on computers because of ebay. So please help me in detail how you guys get those links to your listings/ebay stores when on the boards? I would like to add mine too! And are they always there or do you have to add each time you post on the boards? Just a computer virgin...most of what I know is do to ebay. Please don't forget to be detailed as possible as I don't know much lingo. Thanks oh so much!

Donna #2
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Hi there California Girl, All you have to do is click on the (GO)button at the top left of the message boards. Then mouse over (Myspace). Then click on (Profile). Then you will see a link to the right that says (View/Edit Complete Profile). After you fill in all the information you wish to share, when you get to the signature box..just enter the web addresses of the stores or links you wish to put there...then save your profile. You can also add or choose a premade avatar - Like my freaky baby there. Now everytime you post on the boards, your address links will show up..its a good idea to say what the link is My ebay Items- www.xxxxxxx
Hope this helps! William
Hey Donna #2,

Donna #1 here...

If you want me to make your me at
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com with your ebay ID and I'll get the html just right for you.

Also put what you want the link to say..example:
My sig has Auctiva Classes. So tell me what you want the link to say and I'll send it to you so you can put it in all of your correspondence and any other place that you want it.

Take care, Donna
(it's late in FL, I'm hitting the hay sleep, HA)

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