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I've searched everywhere and I'm sure I'm just overlooking something. How do I put my store items in the categories? I set up the categories and of course, listed items, but can't seem to edit the store. Ack, sorry for all the posts for help!

Interesting that I still have to use my numerical number to access the store instead of the store name which is gypsymart. At least I got my domain name pointed to it now.

Anyway, thanks for help on the category issue.
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Thanks,however most of the answers seem to relate to matching up the Auctiva categories with eBay store categories. I don't have an eBay store (yet), so I can't use the eBay settings. I just need a way to put the items in the proper Auctiva categories (ignoring eBay for the time being). Or do you have to have an eBay store for the Auctiva ones to work? Ha, hope that made sense!
rather than just the items that have the WORD L all by itself, as a size

Auctiva Aaron this is very annoying and I am sure I put in a 'suggestion' to stop this happening a month or more ago I find it makes the Auctiva store search facility very poor and virtually useless.

Please Auctiva change this or provide categories matching the ebay listing categories Smile

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