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My storage space available on Auctiva is getting smaller and I am attempting to get a correct answer from Auctiva what to delete that will allow regaining space. I have eliminated many, many past images but do not see any improvement in my available space. I am wondering how this storage space is used. Do I have to delete past listings? I have asked this question to Auctiva but don't seem to get any response so I am turning to the User Community for any/all answers how to regain space. Otherwise, if I run out of space, perhaps it will be time to seek out a different resource to prepare and post my eBay listings. I look forward to any response that might help. Best regards, East Coast Bits

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Hello Eastcoastbits - 

If you refer specifically to image hosting space, this is only for the images stored in your account.   Deleting images removes them from your account and opens up more space for newer images.

There are three ways to delete images from your account, using the Image Deletion Wizard, from the Saved Listings page or manually deleting.

You can run the Image Deletion Wizard by clicking on the button for it on the Image Management page of your account. This tool will remove images based on dates but will not remove images that our system recognizes as in Active or Saved listings. If you use this tool, please be sure to read the information on each of the pages within to tool as you use it. Please keep in mind that our system will not be able to recognize images in listings unless they were posted (and/or relisted) via your Auctiva account.

From the Saved Listings page there is an option to delete related images when you delete the saved listings. If you delete a saved listing, the confirmation dialog box has an option to delete the related images. If you are deleting multiple listings, this will apply to all listings in the batch.

You can also manually delete images by selecting them via the check box to the left of each image as you scroll through your Image Management pages. After selecting the images on a page that you no longer need, then click on the Delete button at the top of the table where your images display to remove them. If you have an entire page of images you no longer need, you can also click the check box to the left of the word "Thumbnail" at the top of the table to select all of the images on the page you are currently looking at.

If you are unsure if an image is associated with an Active or Saved listing, the Listings column of the table displays three columns letting you know if an image is being used and where. Of these, the column to the furthest right is for Active Listings and the center column is for Saved Listings. Again, please be aware that if you are using Auctiva hosted images in listings that have not been posted through your Auctiva account, our system will not recognize them as in use.

When images are initially deleted, they are moved to the Deleted Images folder, where they no longer count toward your Image Hosting Limit. They will remain in this folder for 14 days, and at any point thereafter will be permanently removed from our system.

If you continue to experience difficulty, please feel free to file a support case letting us know the details of what you are running into and what actions you have already taken so our team can have a look in your account directly.

 - Craig

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