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I have followed the directions about pasting HTML into Auctiva that has been written in another HTML editor, NVU (which has more capabilites than Auctiva does.)

When I paste in the code from NVU into HTML and then view it in Design all the formating is lost.

Anybody have a suggestion as to what to do?

I use Firefox. I tried IE, but that didn't work either.

Thanks for your help!
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There used to be some problems when viewing in the auctiva design view. I'm not sure if they were ever fixed.

Try viewing the completed template in here instead.

then once it looks ok to you, copy and paste it into the template box, and save and name it. Just remember NOT to view it in design view at all.

You can then attach it to a test auction and see how it looks with pictures added etc.

hope this is helpful.

good luck,

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