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I'm trying to revise an active listing on eBay and have copied the HTML from Auctiva, but when I go into revise listing and click on HTML or standard, there is nothing there to delete.
The description window shows my listing, but the editor below has no content.
There are other listings I have that do show the HTML content.

Advise please.
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Hi cubsinaz,

Thanks for posting your question here. I cannot be certain without knowing which item number you are referring to, but it sounds like you may be trying to revise an item that has already received bids or meets some other condition that has made it so eBay will no longer allow the description to be revised.

If that is the case, the editor you are seeing would be a blank editor that can be used to add new text to the bottom of the existing description instead of the one you are expecting that would allow you to change the existing description.

If you are not familar with eBay's revision restrictions, I recommend reviewing them on the following page of their Help index:

If it appears that you should be able to revise the existing description of this item. I recommend contacting eBay's customer support team for further clarification on why you are not seeing the existing description within the editor.

I hope this helps!


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