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I'm starting to get listing fail to post to Ebay with error messages such as the following:

eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources

Failed Listing Generated the Following Warning: Return Policy Attribute RefundOption Not Valid On This Site

20% of my listings using the same template got through, 80% failed.  Some then go through by just hitting the Post button again and some refuse to post. I am using new Auctiva Templates and there us nothing wrong with my return/refund policy which states 

Returns Accepted
Items returned within 30 days
Refund will be given as money back
Return shipping will be paid by Seller

Frustrating and time wasting. I've had some items scheduled for two nights in a row and then to fail interferes with peak buying times and days.

Original Post

Hello Federalbooks,

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties with your listings.

Without looking at the specific listings, it is difficult to say exactly what may be occurring for you, however, the message regarding HTTP content typically occurs if there is an older image associated with your listing or seller details profile that was added prior to the HTTPS requirement and often the URL for that just needs to be appropriately updated.  Our templates and the images stored in accounts are all eBay compliant and stored HTTPS, but if you have something added to a listing from before eBay made their change the HTML would not have been updated.

API warnings do not cause a listing to fail to post in and of themselves, unlike actual API errors.  Note that eBay has made changes on a category level which may affect your returns policies depending on the category you are attempting to post in.  Please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting our support team know the details of these issues and provide a few example items within your account where this has occurred and we'll be happy to look into it to assist you further.

 - Craig

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