Smile Hi all, I have just posted a few of my husands art on ebay I was looking for some feedback on what all you kind lovely peeps thought of it.( bare in mind he never copies its all freelance of the top of his head,) Big Grin
I don't think he gives himself enogh praise he calms them doodles.
ebay no is: 150173774823
like i said these are but a few I have a file full of them.
thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to the feedback so that i can pass it on to him.
If they sell i will add more of his drawings I want the world to know how talented i think he is. Wink
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I found them alright, I just searched the item # on ebay and there they were
Item number: 150173774823

I especially like the cute animals in the name drawings [Annabelle]
I'd buy his work, I see a future in sales of his artwork on ebay. I say GO FOR IT!
ebaysalesman [Greg & Sharon]

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