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Each and every time I place this HTTP into Auctiva it views just fine. BUT the minute I add anything else...description, other graphics, shipping, payment...anything...and then try to save it...everything disappears! What in the world am I doing wrong?
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Why don't you try this...

Put the whole thing together...and then Save it, and then use the GET HTML fuction on the Saved Listings page and paste that into Practice Board. Perhaps then you (or one of us) will be able to see what is going on with the HTML code that is causing the problem.

As it is now, I don't know where you are putting that code when you say you "place this HTTP into Auctiva"...

And what do you mean by everything disappears, the background image disappears?

Anyway, that's my swing at this one... Perhaps someone else has a suggestion or two...

OK, what is on the practice board now is exactly what is in the Auctiva listing designer. When I click on the editor it's a real mess. None of the writing is aligned on the right as I had hoped it would be. Also, when I put in the HTML the FIRST time I view the template it is CORRECT. If I try to list with it or view it a SECOND time in the template eveything goes nuts! Honest, I am sitting here crying right now because I have been at this since 8 this moring EST.

<body background="">
<p align="right"><font size="6">[TITLE]</font></p><p align="right"><font size="3">[DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES]</font></p><p align="right">[SHIPPING]</p><p align="right">[PAYMENT]</p><p align="right">[TERMS_OF_SALE]</p><p align="right">[ABOUT_ME]</p><p align="right">[CONTACT_US]</p><p align="right"> </p>
Thanks David, but Auctiva puts the tbody tags in. I've never used them before in my life. (don't even know what they do!) Auctiva does some weird stuff to my code. I put in some nice clean code that I wrote and cleaned up in Dreamweaver (html view) and when I paste it into the text mode in Auctiva and then view it in Design mode and look at it again in text mode . . . well it's amazing the funkiness that occurs.
Thanks for the help!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Auctiva David:
Hi Karen, I deleted the <tbody> and </tbody> tags from your HTML and that seemed to fix it Smile
I thought I should also add that I have discovered that my inability to view the background image is occuring only with Safari. Took me a while to figure that out :-P . I am having the same problem with my ebay listing. The background shows up fine in Firefox, and IE, but not when viewed with Safari. I've checked on a PC and Mac. Very frustrating.


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