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Hi, I am no good at writing code and I want to make a listing like some of the killer ones I see on ebay and other places. They will have pictures or other images on the left and on the right throughout the entire ad with text in paragraphs right next to and spanning the entire demensions of the images. How can I do this to my listings without writing code. Is it possible?

Im really not very good with text editors. I try to keep it simple and make up for it with loud colors that pop out at you to draw attention but I would rather have classy ads that look professional and warm and these ads like im talking about are really nice and make you want to view the whole ad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I beg you to keep your response in plain english for could take all I know about code and editing and fit it into a
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Originally posted by wahm922:
How about a link to an auction that has this look so we can get a better idea?

I think I know what you are asking but I want to make sure before I post my answer Wink

Hi wahm, It might have taken me a while to find another ad like I am talking about so I just drew a simple example of one. Its kinda like this right here:
Not an easy task, it would require alot of "hand coding" and using the picture layouts and description tag on Auctiva won't work for this type of layout.

You can set up a basic template with the graphics and colors you like but for each auction you would have to add each picture to the description area followed by the text you want, then the next picture, then the text and so on . . .
I knew this was gonna be a pain...lolol. The problem is that when I put an image in the listing where I want it, the editor see's it as a line of text so it wont let me fill the full empty space beside it with text. It will just let me type next to it at the bottom of the pic like it was just text.

I guess one way around it would be to type up the text in paint shop or something and give it the same background color as the template. Then save the text you made as an image and place it next to it. then it would look like just text next to it since the background color would match.

OK, let me ask ya this, is there a way to split the page down the middle like with margins or something?. Then you could put an image say on the left side and then on the opposite side enter your text see what I mean?
I dont know how deep you want to get into doing a custom template, but here's some info that may help (and may not Wink )

if you used tables, you would have better control of the layout and could put auctiva image tags inside the table cells, splite the page into columns like you're asking, etc.

html tags typically have a starting tag and an closing tag. for example, for bold text you use <b>text to write in bold</b>

the <b> is the opening tag for bold format, the </b> is the closing tag.

now, on to formatting of layout of page. probably easiest would be to use a table. then you could put auctiva image tags in the cells and if the size of the cell is predefined (by pixels or percentage of space available) then should go pretty smoothly.

think of a table like the cells in excel. the rows across are indicated with a <tr> tag and end with a </tr> tag

the columns in each row are denoted by a <td> tag (stands for table data) and end with a </td> tag.

so for a basic table, that has 2 columns, and two rows


the coding would be
<tr><td>stuff for top left area</td><td>stuff for top right</td></tr>
<tr><td>stuff for bottom left</td><td>stuff for bottom right</td></tr>

You can, of course, make tables much more complex with cells spanning more than one row, tables within tables, etc.

But wanted to give you the general idea of the html coding for a table.

For your needs, you could probably use a WYSIWYG html editor and then edit the code for putting in the auctiva image tags, and any other auctiva tags you want to use. there are some free ones out there. I use dreamweaver myself (which is pricey) and flip back and forth between the WYSIWYG editor and the code editor.

here's one of the various free html editors that are out there and that lets you switch back and forth between WYSIWYG mode and code mode.

and dont forget, when you drag an image into a WYSIWYG html editor, it will put the url for the image as a path on your hard drive. you have to put the web url for the image in yourself.
Yes, that could probably be done with tables. You could make the description area one large table with two columns and how many rows you need.

For example:
column one row one would have the picture and then column two row one would have the text

column one row two would have text and then column two row two would have the picture

You would repeat this pattern until you have all your pictures and text inserted.

There might be an easier way but I don't know it. Maybe someone else who knows HTML might come along.

I know enough to build templates but I'm no pro Wink
LOL, well thanks for the replies and all the help. I guess I will muttle through it like I do everything else and eventually learn it the hard

I know im a total goober when it comes to this stuff, but I have had little experience with coding and what I have done with just does not register in my brain for some reason. I think its one of those things where someone will have to just sit down with me and tell me where to go and what to do while im doing it so I can see the result before it will register.

It boggles my mind that I can fix nearly anything having to do with a computer and pass the basic MS certification test and have never had the first ounce of training. Yet I cant seem to grasp the HTML coding concept. With me everything has to be logical. Is HTML coding logical? Maybe thats why it doesnt register if it isnt.
Anyway, thanks for all the help and your time guys, I really appreciate it.
I learned most I know from the SD boards and I also took the HTML classes here:

And the classes are free Wink

I also learned alot from an online friend of mine who would take the time to answer my questions and point me to the answers. For me this was good because now I know the how and why instead of someone just doing it for me.

One way I did teach myself to build a template or to make tables was to draw it out on paper and then label the parts. I'm a visual learner so I have to see how things work.

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