My showcase is showing auctions that are closed, I can't get more than 16 items in it, when I disable it, it still sits in my auctions, either running or just dead, but there nonetheless. I've gone through the boards trying to find out how to delete it from my auctions, my store, my life, and none of these work for me. When I signed up for Auctiva, it was to peruse and perhaps use some of the templates, or to at least see what they were. I find it really annoying that the showcase is automatically added to my auctions and that I cannot edit it successfully or quickly and I just want it gone. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
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I did review the "Store Window" section. Yes, it's showing running items now, plus an item that is closed, plus it's running and my showcase is "currently disabled," and has been for about 7 hours now.

Please inform me how to delete all Auctiva from my eBay listings. This is what I want. I'm sure Auctiva is a wonderful thing, but right now it's not right for me.

I just want Auctiva gone from my life right now, and completely.

Thank you.
Also, I have canceled my account several times to no avail. The showcase just keeps on rolling. I have to renew my account to find out how to make it stop.
Becky who did you use before? Do you use a template now? If so just delete your HTML in your current auctions and put in your old HTML before Auctiva.

I had no problems removing it from mine, but I ended my listings and re-did my custom template. I can help you set up a template without the showcase if you like, but I will need to see what it is you are looking to achieve.
Just a note about the Auctiva showcase. My hits have increased about 500% since it started running on the 19th!! Even with the inaccurate prices etc. So I'm a believer, bids are not up but that is my fault-improper pricing or uninteresting products but I am getting the traffic.
Tom, as far as appearance I would have to agree with you; but I can go back to the ebay boards and provide links for post after post about complaints about the scrolling galleries.

If everyone was using a fast connection, then it would be an absolute must to use. This is not the case, anyone who uses dial-up gets locked up - especially when it is at the top of the listing. If you are on a slow connection, the gallery has a very long load time and most do not want to wait for pics to load. I have heard more complaints about the Vendio gallery, and that it actually will not load the entire auction until the gallery loads.

I know someone stated that it only takes 7 - 10 seconds for the gallery to load. What kind of connection was this tested on? Was it in an ebay listing? I have cut mine down as much as possible to get it to an acceptable loading time for dial up and mine is still considered high.

I test my times with this site. Load Time Testing

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