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If my sales are representative of the number of Australians that use eBay...then there are scads of them.

I'm very appreciative of my Australian buyers (as I am of all of them).

I thought we had an Aussie Seller on here. They sold gems..oh well, my mind is going as I age. <smile>

I'm sure you put a bug in Auctiva's ear Rick. (if they didn't already know it)

Take care, Donna
Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Man oh man, there are a lot of Australians who want to use Auctiva! No other non-US, non-UK country is so well represented here -- and they can't even use the service..

I like the Aussies, just for the way they fought in World War II.


"Don't tread on me guts, mate" - Australian Seaman, H.M.A.S. Canberra, 9 Aug 1942 - off Guadalcanal. As said to an abandoning shipmate after having been disemboweled by a Japanese naval shell.
What you mean like this ...

It's not as easy as a click point interface but it's fairly easy to do ... I just posted a test auction from the point/click/online interface a long time ago and captured the HTML template to text file and edit as needed... The sales show up in the online interface anyway.

So it's not all that bad - we CAN use it if we're desperate enough. There's some other service starting up thats available here with similiar sort of functionality and appearance but I haven't yet noticed exactly who they were...

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