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When I try and save my template auctiva strips out the css that is associated with my graphic.

This is the html before I save....

and this is after....

After some research it looks like I need to convert to inline css.
Can someone please help me
I know a little html and css but not enough to fix this
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Hi. I believe you can't use css because eBay has their own. I'm sure you're not allowed the head and body tags for the same reason. Maybe that's what is happening to it?

Wish I could help but just know the very basics of css and certainly not enough to help with converting to inline. Maybe someone will be along that can help.

I really like your template! Smile
Hi, you have such a limited amount of CSS here You may as well put it inline and problem solved. I'm not sure why this is happening (possibly because you reference your CSS twice, at the top and at the bottom? or because you are putting it inside the html and head tags and those tags are really unecessary because this template will be inserted into eBay's webpage which already contains those tags?) However, it definately is possible to use CSS in a seperate stylesheet. Exactly when does the CSS get stripped?

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