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I didn't go look to see if you have an eBay account under this ID and see your listings.

Not to be discouraging, but to warn you... I'd be very, very careful using a dropshipper and stock photos.

Buyers want to see the actual product, especially with high priced items.

I didn't see what shipping costs are because I'm not putting in my info to find out. If they're reasonable, that's good. Do you know?

How do you know they DON'T list items not in stock? How long have you tested this site out?

Returns are given consideration only within 24 hours. That's not enough time for your buyer to contact you and you to contact the company. The buyer may not even contact You that fast.

It's Your reputation at risk, not the dropshippers. They generally don't care. I'm sure there's more but these are all things to seriously consider.

Are you willing to possibly damage your reputation beyond having any buyers trust you?

I don't mean to sound harsh but you need to be very, very careful. I hate seeing anyone get taken, or risking their reputation with dropshipping.

Wishing you the best of luck, what ever you decide! Smile
Hi davis6386,

Miss S is absolutely and completely correct about everything. One of my friends was using a dropshopper for a time....things went well at first but when the items started being back ordered, she of course was getting the complaints filed and the negative feedback. Ebay suspended her acct. for 30 days because of all the complaints filed against her & she was so upset she stopped selling altogether (which is a real shame).

So please do be very careful.

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