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After seeing the sneak peak (Click Here), I get the feeling ebay is trying to become more like today social networking sites, and may make things more fun for us sellers
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Heck, JeffS, I miss the Ebay of 2003! All this useless junk, terrible search features, new looks to everything, and (grrrr) those dropdown boxes on the top right........ANNOYING as @#*%$#!

I want to buy. OR I want to sell...simple as that! If I want the other garbage I can go to another website. It really doesn't need to be on Ebay. (Can you tell I'm annoyed...LOL!)

>>No offense please, winklestore, JMHO Smile
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I'd imagine eBay will do whatever they can to try and make an edge that retains vendors/buyers. That is to say as long as they can regulate it.

I mentioned this in another thread where they are filtering various things such as javascript etc. They need be careful as the technologies evolves and they disallow vendors to use the browsers abilities to maximum potential they leave the doors open for others. For others? Yes... Not necessarily eBay site competitors but other enterprize vendors. Retailers will do what they can to maximize the web prospects. If eBay disallows vendors to "be state of the art" then the true "state of the art" sites will attain the buyers.

eBay is apparently so large its near impossible to reach the powers that be to communicate. I have ideas how could be extrordinarily successful, reborn in fact. eBays main site has so many vendors that from what I have read more and more of them are having a hard time competing for sales. Them selling items so cheap its near not worth doing. There are numerous ways things could be better but again... cant seem to get up the ladder to speak to anyone. All I keep hearing is use the suggestion box email. I am not about to waste numerous (numerous) hours of my time on a email suggestion box that more than likely will not be viewed by any party who understands what I am proposing/saying. So................
I'm sure you have some great ideas, but Ebay is too busy trying to justify the (probably outrageous) salaries of their ebots to care what anyone else has to say. *sigh* Not only do I miss 2003, I miss the way it was 6 months ago. I just don't see the point in all these changes. If they were an improvement, then yes they would be fine but they seem to change things just for change sake. All it does is make things harder for the new members to figure out, and we long time members have to learn all over again. The new search (for example) that was tested on some of us guinea pigs was a horror, as was the look of the bidding pages...I better stop, I feel myself about to go off on a tangent Big Grin

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