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someone tried to scam me awhile back, by completing checkout, then emailed me and told me to send the item to Nigera, the item costed $360, I believe, long story short it didnt happen, but My seller Summary is being thrown off by this false sell, aswell as my total sells, So how would I remove it

P.S. I was credited my final sell fee
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I have had the same thing happen, I was also credited my fees. Ebay did remove this on the summary page. I would contact them and tell them what is going on, they are very helpful with this and I would think they would remove this for you.
I have had many attempts for Nigeria sales, these have all been scams so I now put in my major auctions I will not ship to Nigeria and do not have any problems with this, also watch for Indonesia cuz I just had that problem about 2 weeks ago.
Hope this helps.

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