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I have to reprint a shipping label through paypal because it got wet. But the item that the label was for was insured through auctiva. If I void and reprint the shipping label through paypal will it still be insured? If not how do I go about getting it insured? Do I have to void and re-purchase the insurance policy like I do the label?
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Just for clarification.....

You don't purchase the Auctiva U-Pic plan Insurance by selecting insurance during the PayPal label purchase process. That Insurance purchase capability on PayPal is ONLY for the carrier's insurance, e.g. using PayPal USPS Click-N-Ship the insurance is USPS postal insurance (not Auctiva's).

You pay Auctiva directly through your Auctiva account for their insurance plan.

That misunderstanding seems to be common, so please forgive any undue comments.

I agree with advise to just reprint the label.

Yes I understand the difference between auctiva insurance and paypal usps insurance on the shipping label. Perhaps I didn't explain it correctly, I meant that I needed to know if the auctiva insurance policy that I bought for that item will still be in effect even though I technically cancelled and voided that shipment before purchasing another label. But I contacted auctiva support and as it turns out, you can cancel and reprint the shipping label through paypal and it will not affect the auctiva insurance purchased for that item. Thanks!

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