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Of course, I'm telling you because I care about you, not for the cash. Smile

Which is why I'm telling you that you should delete your post ASAP, unless you want your account suspended for spamming. Look around the board here and surely you can understand.

Jeff, thank you so much for staying on top of this! I wish there was a way we could help stop this seemingly-wildfire out of control. Is there anything we can do?
Hello girls looks like war has been declared, I expect that there will be quite a few more retaliatory spammming attacks (ref. Jeff's whippedtubby, sorry hubby thread Wink )

What's a spammer, a Klingon doing community service on earth as punishment for smiling Razz

Shields on full strength, red and blue spots alert (red only is so boring), engage cussing filter full strength, fire control ready and don't forget to run from one side of the thread to the other as the screen lurches from side to side.

Beam me out of here Scotty, .... Roll Eyes
Well Jeff, if the spammer re-offends and has a selling account why not suspend that and hit them in their pocket, but hang on a mo' I am thinking they are intelligent people and are capable of selling on Feebay.

Probably more like forum gypsies who wander onto a site make a mess and leave the mess for others to clear up.

And before anyone gets on their politcally correct soapboxes I expect like all poor image stereotypes of a group of people it's a minority of that group (hmmm, so why don't their majority do someything about their problem minority ?)
Let me at the dirty cur I say. I'll tear em up.. DaraDork out of the 8 total posts you have 6 of them are spam!
Why don't you crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under and die in peace?
You are to low to call a snake though so maybe a slimy piece of crap worm would fit?
By the childish wording of your posts I suspect that you are selling products from that country that is injecting the US with so many inferior and recalled products, heck you just may be one of them. Yeah childish wording = you probably are.
You Go Way now we no want your garbage DumDum
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