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Hey all,

I purchased a DVD set on Ebay and it was from an Auctiva member. So I get this message after I already send the payment from Ebay saying that I should stop payment, etc because the user has been suspended. I've been emailing back and forth with the "seller", and he/she says that they will send it as soon as the payment is received (I sent it overnight mail and it was delivered). Does this happen often? Should I be worried?
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Yes, you probably should worry. There's a reason that eBay suspended the seller. It could be a VERO violation -- but more likely they're ripping people off. What kind of feedback did the seller have and how long had they been a member of eBay?

Why did you send the payment via overnight mail? You say it was delivered -- do you have a confirmation of that?

Was it a money order? If that's what the seller demanded, you most likely are dealing with someone unethical. Just because the seller was an Auctiva member indicates nothing -- this is a free service, so anyone can use Auctiva as a gateway to post on eBay.

Sorry about the bad news. Hopefully this is all worry over nothing, but I would probably contact eBay to see what can be done...
Originally posted by hkygrl12:
I am absolutely stressed out by this. I never stray from PayPal, but this was a hard to get DVD boxed set that I wanted for my husband's birthday. I guess I should just play it safe and cancel the money order. Thanks for the advice!

Pull the sellers contact information.
Give them a phone call.
There might be a simple explanation.

I've seen eBay nip auctions without so much as batting an eye. I've heard horror tales of persons signing onto eBay to find they were NARU'd for a simple reason that could've been handled by an email.

Don't assume the worst.
If you can't get the seller by phone. I'd stop that money order so fast the seller's head would be spinning.

Good Luck,

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