thats right i'm on both sites! Please have a look through my items and combined postage is more than welcome for both sites. more than 350+ items listed and there are MORE coming.

WERE MOVING HOUSE! So please get in quick because these prices and these items may never be seen again.

2040 feedback

290 feedback
OZTION -Australian Auction site - free relisting for 3months for ever & buy all your items at a cheaper price. please click this link to view all my items. If you decide to become a member please use my reference number # 68027
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Eek I'm being followed!! HIIIII buzz I know you from the OZTION forums (bargainlover here). I too sell on both sites. My Oz sales are pathetic LOL but I buy more there than I ever have on the FeeBay.
Is there a way to list on oztion with auctiva?
I noticed that you are on both sites and I have been a member on Oztion now for about a week scouting around, and have decided to start listing there as well as ebay.

Thanks in advance.

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