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This has been the worst few months of my life. I got hit by a car (hit and run) while crossing the street. I had a minor stroke that kept me in bed for days. Days lster before I could even type. My son up and moved me to be closer to him so he could help. He is in the Army and has to have time to take the lease to the Post Office before they give the apartment complex the mailbox key. He is going out of state for the holiday with his Army buddy. I'm expecting a check for my deposit from the last place so this delays that. Moving cost more than we thought it would. When my kid got me this new apartment, he got it as if he was the resident (military discount). I feel as if I have to hide and can't bring up issues with the apartment.

Two hours on a pay by the minute with Qwest says there is a problem with the wiring. Got a ride and bought new phone jacks. Easy to replace but that didn't fix it. He will have to make the arrangements. Qwest repair starts at $80 if the apartment doesn't fix it but I can't even ask because I'm not on the lease.

I'm taking care of his 3 cats that we rescued as strays because he was going to get an off base apartment with his friend but that is put off until February. I moved from a large 2 bedroom, 2 bath with balcony into something that is barely bigger than a studio. Kept my king size bed but had to give up all other furniture if I wanted to keep my books.

My very few kitchen cabinets are packed so full and now got a notice for pest control Wednesday and followup January 13th. Have to empty all of those and move stuff away from baseboards (books). No way can I have cats in here. Took them to the humane society today. My heart is broken. They are putting one down because he is grumpy and will bill me $40 for that. (my son wrestled with him. He is great with babies, kids and ladies but will tear a guy up if he can entice them to pet him when he rubs against their leg.) ( ( The cat is so smart. When I smoked, I could send him for a cigarette and he would open a flip top box and bring me a cigarrette without puncturing it.) All 3 walk on a leash. They waved the $15 fee on the other two for surrendering them.

I have top rated seller status but that is going to change really fast. I am able to catch some time from someone else's unsecured wireless but I am able to post through Auctiva but eBay and PayPal pages keep timing out on me. I have never been this behind on my shipping. It takes about one hour to do a shipping label. Contact member only works about 1 in 10. I guess eBay will soon be over for me. The only thing that works semi right on the internet for me is this forum. Even that is hard because my laptop keyboar fried and I had to get a USB keyboar to plug in. Now I type on one and use click and other controls on the other. Restore quit working for me. Sure can't afford another computer. No transportation and over 3 hours to a library on the bus.

Don't really know anyone here yet and had to include you guys in my pity party in case I don't get the chance to post again. I am usually such a positive thinking person so I'm sure I'll regret this post but at least you won't have to say "I wonder what happened to booklady.

I didn't start a new thread because I want to see this thread last a little longer. Posters to Auctiva forums are the friendliest I've seen on any site. Even when pissed.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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