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Hi,I need some serious help with finding out easy instructions on how to get my Store on Ebay and have the instructions in easy to understand way that even a Blonde Bimbo could understand.I don't understand how to get my store up and running on ebay and so am using the listing on ebay and paying heavy fees just because I don't understand how to get it up and running on ebay.So could someone please help me as I am desperate!!!!!!! wotelese.
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My experience has been that nothing on Ebay is really easy - other than spending money to post items!

I assume you purchased the Ebay Store feature? I hope someone can help you figure it out - when I saw the fees they charged for everything - it seemed to me like it cost as much if not more to do the store.

If you haven't bought into the store feature on ebay, then the Auctiva store won't work.
Hi Wotelese,

You do not need an ebay store to get an Auctiva store running.

An Auctiva store simply shows what you have on ebay in a different and visually more custom manner.

The Auctiva tutorials are a good place to start.

The lounge is not a good place to ask specific questions, it is better to use the boards specific to your problem where regulars hang out to give words of wisdom to all on their particular specialities Smile

p.s welcome to you both Smile

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